Your Industry

  • Retail Accounting

    Retail and wholesale operations have more moving parts than other businesses and it can be overwhelming and it is overwhelming. At Vertaccount, we unburden you with your accounting workload by taking care of everything related to that.

  • Contractors

    A contracting business demands a special kind of accounting and here at Vertaccount, our associates are more than capable to handle your special needs.

  • Non-Profit Organization

    Volunteering for a cause is a noble feat that not everyone can easily accomplish. There’s just so much to do, so many people to help and so little time to do it. Balancing books and making sense of how expenses are recorded is best left to the experts so you can focus on what matters most – enriching lives and uplifting communities.

  • Property Management

    Vertaccount specializes in long term, short term, commercial or residential property management accounting. We can provide you with a high quality yet low cost accounting solution that will help you grow your business.

  • Restaurants

    Our expertise lies in converting the tedious, often disorganized accounting function of a restaurant enterprise into an efficient and controlled off-site system.