A Single Unified Solution

Companies operating in different countries know too well the complexities of running a financial and accounting team in multiple markets. Differences in culture, language, processes, time zones and tax regulations add layers of complexity to organizations already running on scarce resources. By being present in the USA, Australia, and the Philippines, Vertaccount removes the complexity and cost barriers that those companies usually face. Our clients achieve a single unified solution at a fraction of the cost!


Our Services

  • Accounts Payable Processing
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Payroll Processing
  • Reconciliations
  • Monthly Financial Reporting

Our Benefits

  • Speak with only one vendor
  • Standardize procedures across regions
  • Local presence
  • Unified service delivery center
  • Local tax knowledge



We have the expertise and the experience.

  • Over 12,000 bills, 8,000 paychecks and 10,000 customer invoices processed annually.1
  • Over 70 recurring clients with combined revenues of US$70 million and assets of 33 million.1
  • Experts in multiple verticals – Contractors, Gyms, Real Estate, Retail/Wholesale, Medical Services, Media Agencies, Mom and Dad businesses, etc.
  • Experts in different levels of complexity – accounting system migration, records clean up, etc.
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1 As of 31 May 2014

We will be the best team you will ever have.

  • Skills Matching – We will never assign a team who cannot meet your needs.
  • Segregation of Duties – Even if you don’t need a full-time bookkeeper, we segregate duties to more than one individual. This is one of the fundamental principles of internal control and it is built-in to our service.
  • No Single Point of Failure – We cross-train our teams, so that we are not reliant on a single individual. We are able to do this because we have already reached the scale.
  • No vacations. No sick leaves. No drama – You are entering a contract which we are obligated to do. You are not hiring an employee.

Our clients’ success is our success.

  • We can scale up or down – We are not a fixed expense. If business is bad, we can scale down our fees. You still get the same team and attention, without losing anything.
  • We care – We are not simply processors hired to do a job. We are your team who sees things from the perspective of the owner. We tell you info you don’t know, we analyze you financial results like they are our own.

Our fees are reasonable.

  • Our fees range from 1% to 2% of your annual revenues.
  • We guarantee that that we are lower than hiring a team in house.