Turn Lead Into Gold

Bills processing, customer invoicing and payroll processing are necessary functions in all companies. Without those, no one gets paid. It’s as simple as that. However, those functions offer little or no competitive value. Your customer won’t choose you over another because you pay your bills on time, don’t you think?

Furthermore, your AP or payroll team hardly sees any future in what they do. As such, turnover is a recurring nightmare, absences are rampant and cost pressures are constant. As a result, you are forced to face problems that don’t help your business strategically.

Why not turn that into an advantage or as the saying goes, turn lead into gold?

Let Vertaccount handle your AP, AR and payroll and enjoy immediate savings, continuity and accuracy. Vertaccount processes over 13,000 bills, 11,000 customer invoices and 10,000 pay checks a year.1 By outsourcing those functions to us, you now have one less problem to deal with, so you can start dealing with what is important in your business.

1 As of May 31, 2014


Service Features and Overview

  • Teams are cross-trained – No single point of failure.
  • Deal with only one account manager.
  • Communicate via e-mail, phone or Skype.
  • Committed to service levels and exceeding those.
  • No vacations. No holidays. No drama.

Accounts Payable Processing

  • Send documents by e-mail or courier pick up.
  • Guaranteed processing on the next business day.
  • Access bills you sent online 24×7. (Assumes Bill.com is used.)
  • Route bills for approval before payment. (Assumes Bill.com is used.)
  • Software Expertise: Xero, QuickBooks, Bill.com but we can use any software.
  • Complex Bills Processing: Job Costing, Purchase Orders, 3-way matching
  • Note: Vertaccount will never pay bills on your behalf.

Payroll Processing

  • Manual or automated time sheet processing
  • Software Expertise: ADP, Ceridian, PayCycle, Aatrix, QuickBooks, but we can use any software.
  • Filing of federal and state payroll forms  and taxes
  • 401k processing
  • Child support processing
  • Certified payroll processing
  • Note: We don’t do manual processing. We use payroll processors. This reduces risk of miscalculations.

Accounts Receivable Processing

  • Invoices sent to customers over e-mail.
  • Capable of performing simple and complex invoices.
  • Designs the entire invoicing process such that revenue leakages are minimized, internal controls (against fraud) are put in place and revenue reporting becomes more meaningful.
  • Software Expertise: Xero, QuickBooks, Bill.com, but we can use any software.
  • Other Services: Collect from customers over email, regular mail and phone.

Testimonials All →

  • "You and your team never cease to amaze me with your proactive, thorough and thoughtful approach to what you do."

    J. Stanson, Board Member - C4 Waterman, Inc.
  • “Individual expertise, team support and technical assistance have been exemplary.  Excellent.”

    Kukui Maunakea-Forth, Executive Director - Wai‘anae Community Re-Development Corporation
  • "Vertaccount’s accounting services and support have allowed us to focus on business growth and have been instrumental in helping us manage our projects to profitability. Their financial management reports, which were customized and tailored to our specific needs, as well as their responsive service have been a great asset to our operation."

    Dante Aragon, President - Energy Management Consulting & Construction Hawaii
  • “Vertaccount fully manages our accounting function. They have allowed us to work as efficiently as possible while giving us the financial insight we need to confidently manage our business.”

    Warren Daniel, Owner

    “You guys are great!! Would be lost with out you!!!”

    Nicole Kurtz, Operations Manager

    Ohana Beach Rentals